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    RT @TomSwyers: "When a pitcher's throwing a spitball, don't worry and don't complain, just hit the dry side like I do." Stan Musial

    Twitter: @KnochTristan

    @MoEgger1530 Stan Musial did that once. #justsaying

    Twitter: @DaveMoore44

    Just reading through some old baseball books and this Stan Musial one just happened to be signed by Stan Musial. Nbd http://t.co/JnM834n3yE

    Twitter: @PhilosophyByJoe

    RT @BobbyFricks: My first #mailday since I've started collecting again! My Stan Musial autographed baseball is here! http://t.co/oBfCdwNk3y

    Twitter: @JHeyfan22

    http://t.co/eBy9phxY9w #Cars #9183 Stan Musial St Louis Cardinals Glass Square Ashtray D-086by Perfection In S... http://t.co/yN6YfLDbre

    Twitter: @Best_Cars_STP